Looking At Him

When I look at Jesus my burdens are lighter,
The pathway before me grows clearer and brighter,
The shadows about me, more distant and dim
When I turn from myself and gaze only at Him!

When I look at Jesus my soul is at peace;
From self-condemnation I find sweet release;
His grace and forgiveness, deliverance from sin,
And temptation's defeat come through looking at Him.

When I look at Jesus instead of at others,
I cease criticizing my sisters and brothers.
When the Holy Spirit is dwelling within
My heart's full of love - While I'm looking at Him!

When I look at Jesus, what Glory He brings!
Relieving the sorrow, with joy my heart sings.
So gladly I'll follow, try others to win,
Until I reach Heaven - Always looking at Him!

Honoria A. Groves