Looking Upward

When walking with my head held high,
Looking up into the sky,
How wonderful it is for me
Such beauty all around to see;
To feel the sunshine on my face!

But when my eyes are downward bent,
Upon the path ahead intent,
Focusing on one desire
To keep the footsteps from the mire,
How much of God's sweet world I miss,
And never sense the blessed kiss
Of balmy breeze or sunlight's ray,
Which flood such brightness on my way.

O Lord, this speaks to me so clear
About life's spiritual sphere,
For I have proved in many ways,
Then when I look in prayer and praise
Upward to thee in worship sweet,
Instead of at my faltering feet,
Your wondrous beauty fills my mind
And light upon the path I find.

Then do I need no longer fear
Temptations ever lurking near
As long as I still upward look,
True guidance seek from Your blest Book,
Your Spirit joy and peace impart
And warm my consecrated heart.

O Jesus, keep me looking up,
And with Your Spirit fill my cup,
So I may firmly walk each day
Within Your Light and Holy way.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves