Look Up, Dear Friend!

Look up, dear friend! Look not forever backward
With deep regrets for all that might have been.
Don't resurrect old injuries so painful,
Or dwell on all the trouble you have seen.

Look up, dear friend! Not at your faults and failures.
The Blood of Christ has covered all your sin.
Stand tall with Him, in garments of salvation,
And find the source of all your strength within.

Look up, dear friend! Don't look toward the future
With trepidation for the dark unknown.
Look up in trust, to Him Who walks beside you,
For He has promised He will never leave His own.

Look up, dear friend! And be so truly thankful
For all the blessings that you have today.
Our loving God has never failed His children.
Look up with confidence, and walk with Him each day.

Look up, dear friend!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves