Lord, Help Me To Feel Good About Myself!

Lord, help me to feel good about myself!
Especially when I feel such a failure, as a
wife, a parent, an employee, or as a

Lift me up - Let me look up to You who
created me, with faith and hope.

If I have let others down I am truly sorry
and ask Your forgiveness, which I also must
accept. Sometimes it is hard to forgive
myself. You know that I would never
deliberately disappoint You. I do try my
best and I know that You help me, but
sometimes I feel I am NEVER GOOD ENOUGH.

Please help me to help myself so that I do
not give in to discouragement or despair.

Above all, make me keep trying to improve
myself so that I shall truly feel worthy as
a person, as a wife, as a parent, as an
employee and as Your Child. But I know I
cannot do this on my own. I need Your
special help.

I know You care - You cared enough to send
Your Son to die for me - for ME? YES, FOR
ME! Thank You, Lord, for that. You must
have felt I was worthy of being loved and
of dying for, therefore I ought to feel
good about myself!

Thank You, Lord, for listening, and for
loving me.

I feel better about myself already!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves