Lord I Want to Praise You

Lord, I want to praise You!
As my body awakens to consciousness
My first awareness this new day
Is the warmth of Your Presence
Enveloping me like a cocoon;
Your love is a comforting blanket;
While your grace is the foundation
Upon which I can securely rest.

Lord, I want to praise You for the filtering daylight -
Promise of another day - for the rising sun
Which will soon glow through, revitalizing the earth;
For the joyous song of birds heralding another dawn.

Lord, I want to praise You for your precious rest;
For eyes to see, ears to hear,
And strength to live this day.
For ability to think and speak;
For legs and feet with which to walk;
And hands with which to serve.
Help me to use each of these gifts
In the very best ways today.

Lord, I want to praise You right now, for Who you are!
You are my mighty God and Loving Father.
Later in this day, perhaps, I may not feel like praising,
When stresses come, emotions rise,
Life's pressures cause concern.
Then, keep me close to you, grant me your peace;
Help me to be aware of your Holy Spirit's presence
As I am just now; until tonight when I go to rest,
And I can still say: “Lord, I want to praise You!”

Honoria A. Groves