Lord, Rule My Tongue

Lord, rule my tongue that it may speak in gentle tone,
That it never seeks to glorify its own.
O guard my lips from any utterance unkind;
Cast out unworthy thoughts, Your love fill my mind.
Repel the negatives whenever they arise,
And unto Jesus always help me turn my eyes.
Instead of criticism, let me try to praise,
And spread around encouragement for needy days.

And check me, Lord, when I would talk to much.
Make me responsive to Your prompting touch.
Stop me, Lord Jesus, when I might complain,
Or bore my friends about each ache or pain.
Seal Thou my lips so I may truly hear
The other person's needs, their hurt, or fear.
Then, as I listen, tell me what to say,
And use this tongue with needy ones to pray.

Speak through me, Lord, and use this tongue to bless,
To guide someone in paths of righteousness;
But may I never speak except in love,
As guided by Your Spirit from above.
I would extol Your blessed saving Word,
To lead some seeking wanderer to You, Lord.
To say sincere and joyful words of praise
In testimony of Your wondrous ways.
Lord, rule this tongue and ever part of me,
To glorify You through Eternity!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves