Lungs for Life

Not till its too late,
Do they learn to shut the gate -
When the horse is gone,
And the damage has been done.
Oh, why do our young folk
Feel the need to smoke?
Their lungs so fresh and pure,
Irreparably injure
With tar and nicotine.
If only they had seen
The damage it could do;
The grief to me and you
As in later years
Lung cancer causes tears
And agony untold
For both the young and old!

Teenagers, take a stand,
Hold something in your hand
That will not destroy
Each lovely girl and boy.
Be careful that you taste
Only things that will not waste
Your body and your health;
And rob you of your wealth.

Your breath will sweeter be;
Your throat and lungs be free
Of fumes that irritate.
Start now, please do not wait!
Do not show your fears
Of being different from your peers.
You be the one to say
"I will not smoke today!"
"I need good lungs for breath"
"Without them there is death",
"I have so much to give,"
"And I am going to live!"

Honoria A. Groves

10 February, 1995