Mary and Martha

While Martha worked so busily,
Her sister Mary sat
And listened to what Jesus said -
But Martha did not like that!
So Jesus gently chided her
For her criticizing heart,
Explaining Mary chose just then
By far the better part.

Now I have flurried anxiously
And worried greatly too
When I expected visitors -
Good housekeepers I knew -
Because I'd be embarrassed
If they should ever see
The quite untidy person
That is the normal me!

The result has been their visit
Was not relaxed and fun,
But seemed to end abruptly
Soon after it had begun.
And when they left I wondered
What had we talked about?
I'd been too busy doing things
We could have done without!

Then I've had other company
Who never lend a hand
With all the necessary tasks
For the visit we had planned.
And sometimes in my weariness,
Resentment would arise
Because of what appeared to be
Their laziness in my eyes.

Now both these attitudes can be
Destructive in the church,
If we become too critical
Of others in their search.
We certainly need Martha
If things are to get done,
But we must have Mary too,
The listening, learning one.

Let us respect each other,
And try to understand
The different ways of service,
As God Himself has planned.
But first we need to ask ourselves,
Is our commitment complete?
Whether we're busy serving Him,
Or sitting at Jesus Feet!

Honoria A. Groves