Me First

A newborn knows nothing but its own need for comfort, food and love.
A toddler soon learns to say “It's mine” and “My turn” -
It is not long before they begin to participate in play
Where they hear and repeat “Me First.”

Throughout childhood there is a constant battle to be first in line;
In education there is competition to be First in Class;
In sports it is First Pick or Highest Scorer;
Graduates expect the right to choose their career path;
Adults compete for jobs, promotion and security.
The human instinct is “Me First!”

When we are presented with the claims of Jesus we may gladly respond
“Yes Lord, I want You to have first place in my life.”
But as time goes on, perhaps gradually, unnoticed,
Other things such as professional ambition, family needs, friendships,
Relationships, recreational pursuits, usurp the place of Christ.
Although we may not say it, or even be aware of it,
He no longer has that place of honour.
Then there comes a time when it is revealed to us
That we have blatantly said to Him, “Me First!”

If we ask Him, Christ will forgive us, restore the joy of our Salvation,
As we give back to Him His rightful place.
Then we can truthfully say, “You have First Place in my life, Lord,
And no longer will I say Me First!”

Honoria A. Groves

October 10, 2002