More Than Enough

There was more than enough food
When Jesus fed the multitude.
The surplus fragments that still lay
Were gathered for another day.
When wedding guests sat down to dine,
He met the need for ample wine.
His mighty power was so real
As He reached out to touch and heal.

His precious Blood was plenteous
To cleanse all sin from each of us.
His mercy flows abundantly
To set repentant sinners free.
His precious Holy Spirit shed
So lavishly on every head
Will still be copiously given
To seeking souls who are forgiven.

He has more than enough grace
For every problem that we face.
No limit has His love and care,
For every person, everywhere.
Oh let us gladly open our heart
To receive all that He will impart.
Whether days are bright or times are tough,
We have a God Who's MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Honoria A. Groves

June, 1990