My Broken Heart

I laid a heart quite broken
At Jesus' nail-scarred feet
Because I knew His power
My every need could meet.
“Oh mend, it, dear Lord Jesus!”
I desperately cried,
“For You have also suffered
When on Calvary You died.”

He answered with compassion,
“If you will leave it here,
I will perform a miracle
For you, my child, so dear.”
“Now there is something better
That I will do for you,
For I'll give you a transplant
Of a heart brand new.”

And so I rose rejoicing,
In spite of painful knees,
To face another morning,
My Saviour, Christ to please.
My heart not scarred and mended
For which I'd earnestly sought,
But fresh and new and holy,
That Jesus' blood had bought.

Honoria A. Groves