Purpose To Live

When circumstances hem me in
And I long to be free,
Frustration fill my restless soul
As only bars I see.
"But why?" I ask, "have I been placed
In this freedom-loving age,
In the restricting confines
Of such a narrow cage?"

Perhaps if I look closer,
I may be quite surprised
To have some things revealed to me,
Long hidden from my eyes.
These bars, I may discover,
Were mostly placed by me,
And never were intended
To keep me from being free.

They rather were erected
Unnoticed, one by one,
To act as a protection
When I felt the need to run,
Where privacy and safety
Its shelter would provide,
And all my deepest feelings
Could be hidden deep inside.

But ah! Now what has happened?
I have reached the dreadful stage
Of finding myself trapped within
This comfortable cage!
But what a fool I surely am,
To fret and pace inside;
For in my hand I hold a key -
And life awaits outside!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves