My Changed Perspective of God

My first introduction to God
Was as Someone who distantly cared
From His remote Throne in Heaven
And the most prominent aspect of Him was His unerring perfection,
His isolating Holiness, and His abhorrence of evil.
Since I was so unworthy, so full of selfishness and sin,
I would not dare so much as to raise my eyes to Him.

But then I learned that God really did care
And proved it by sending His Son Jesus to die on the Cross of Calvary
And if I accepted His sacrifice, in my place, for my sin,
I could be forgiven and become a new, cleansed person.
So I humbly repented, bowing low before God,
Tentatively reaching up toward His merciful Majesty.
When I, with amazement, realized that He heard my confession
And forgave me completely, I was filled with wonder
And became able to look into His eyes, joyfully saying
“My Redeemer, My Father, and My God!”

Later, after years as a mediocre Christian,
Wandering in the wilderness, freed from the bondage of Egypt
But not having reached the Land of Canaan,
Feeling a strong desire to be closer to God,
I learned that through the Holy Spirit
I could know perfect peace with God
And discover the joy of a heart filled with love for Him
And His children everywhere.

Now I can stand tall, approaching God
With the authority of a Child of the King.
I can claim His promises, assured of His love and acceptance,
Conscious of His constant presence in my life,
And my heart is filled with His praise!

Praise God, He is Eternal - He never changes.
But how thankful I am that my perspective has changed!
I have a new, wonderful relationship with the Lord,
Which grows and becomes closer and more meaningful
Every day!

Honoria A. Groves