My Christmas Gift for You

If I could choose a precious gift with all the love I feel,
To give your heart and soul a life, that truly would reveal
The wonder of this Christmas Day, what would I gladly give?
My choice would first of all be LOVE, God's gift to sinful men,
Which brought His Son from heaven above to die and rise again.
I'd give you LOVE this Christmas Day that you like Him may live.

I'd give PENITENCE and FAITH, assurance to believe,
That God will save just as He said if we His Gift receive.
For what a difference Jesus brings when He comes in to stay!
I'd give you PEACE for troubled days and JOY without an end,
Which fills the heart with endless praise to Jesus, our Friend
For He's the GIFT my message sings upon this Christmas Day.

Another gift that I would give would be LIGHT from God's Word
To guide and bless each day you live, for thus His will is heard;
And spending time at Jesus' feet makes each day Christmas Day!
I'd give you priceless FELLOWSHIP, communion in prayer.
Rich Holy Spirit blessedness, abundantly to share
The radiance of His presence sweet, His glory on your way.

All these gifts rolled into one would make the GIFT SUPREME.
For all are found in God's own Son, born only to redeem.
By the Cross and not the Manger, Salvation thus to bring.
So I'd choose the GIFT of utmost worth to bless your future way.
May Jesus Christ, who came to earth on that First Christmas Day
Be no more Babe or stranger, but rule your life as King!

Honoria A. Groves