Mohonk Experience

Emotions change as the seasons,
But some things never change.
Faith, firm as the Mighty Rocks,
In God, Who is Eternal
As the Mountains themselves.
A soul, peaceful as the placid lake;
Responsive as the swaying trees
To the winds of the Spirit.
Cloistered with God as fog closes in;
Refreshed by the gentle rain;
Awed by the power of the storm;
Thrilled by beauty of flowers;
Overwhelmed by majesty of nature,
Worshipping God for His magnificent creation
Enhanced by loving labour
Of committed and caring human hands;
Impressed by the welcoming atmosphere
Of the massive Mountain House;
Warmed by gracious hospitality;
Welcomed as members of the Family;
Nourished by extraordinary culinary treats;
Surrounded by comfort and convenience;
Blessed by spiritual fellowship,
Comforted by reunion with long-lost friends;
And encouraged by new friendships -
This is my never-to-be-forgotten
Mohonk Experience!

Honoria A. Groves

16 August, 1994