My Mother's Picture

I look at the picture of dear mother's face,
Her expression so sweet, filled with God's peace and grace,
Her manner so gentle, so thoughtful and kind,
It brings many memories back to my mind.

As I look through my tears, the ache in my heart
Reminds me again that we now are apart.
And although for a while I shall miss her with pain,
In Heaven, praise the Lord, I shall see her again!

In Jesus, her Saviour, she did always rejoice,
And in memory still I can hear her dear voice
Praying with fervour or lifted in praise,
Blessing the Lord for His wondrous ways.

For He was to her a Friend tried and true,
Who kept her His child, her pilgrimage through.
He guided her feet for eighty-one years,
In health and in sickness, in joy and in tears.

In peace, and in war when faith often was tried,
In times of great need, He did always provide.
Her thirty-three years of widowhood,
She spent serving others and doing good.

So now, as a picture alone I can see,
Her sweet angel presence seems closer to me.
I thank the good Lord for my mother so dear,
And pray that, like her, I may always stay near
To my Heavenly Father and my children guide
In the pathway of righteousness close by His side.
Then, some day, to them, may my picture be
A mirror of glad, thankful memory!

Honoria A. Groves