My Poems

My poems are not just words put together
Like beads on a string,
To impress.

Unless they mean something to me,
They can mean nothing to anyone else.

Most of them have been hammered out
On the anvil of experience
And are the result of tuning in to God,
Asking Him to direct the thought process;
Ideas filtered through this imperfect mind,
Circumscribed by limits of my knowledge,
Glimmers of truth within the boundaries of my
Human understanding.

Not claiming to know the Mind of God,
But having glimpsed the diamond glint
Of a tear in His Eye;
Felt the warmth of His Breath
As He passed by;
Known His look of reprimand;
The gentle comfort of His Hand
And the strength of His Arm when needed,
I try to express those feelings
In my own simple words.

It is my prayer
That they will contain some kernels of insight
Into the realms of Eternity,
That shall sustain or encourage
Someone else.

Honoria A. Groves

February 15, 2004