My Two Best Friends

I have two friends who stand by me -
The very best friends that there could be!
They never ever let me down,
Nor turn away when I wear a frown.
They listen to my tale of woe
But never tell me where to go!
Day by day they encourage me
“Now you can do it, you will see,
Just lean on us, we are your friend,
On us you always can depend.”
Patiently they stand and wait,
Not fussing, “Hurry, you'll be late.”
They're always there when I need a hand,
Yet content ignored to stand.
When they were first introduced to me,
Nothing attractive could I see,
But I have learned they are strong and true;
Without them, now what would I do?
These friends I've come to appreciate
Are a Crutch and her fine mate!

Hop-along Nora (Honoria A.) Groves