Have you ever felt neglected
Or most bitterly rejected
By one who seemed a faithful friend;
Whose love you thought would never end?

But other interests arise
As fresh horizons fill their eyes;
Your company they rarely seek
Yet act the same if we should meet.

We need a Friend who will be there
Whenever we've a need to share.
I have a Friend, the best is He,
Always ready to listen to me.

But do I treat Him as a friend?
Can He on me fully depend?
His Presence do I often seek
Or only when I'm sad or weak?

You never will Your children leave
And yet Your heart I often grieve
When Your sweet friendship I reject
Through cold indifference and neglect.

Oh, Friend so faithful, so Divine,
So precious to this heart of mine!
Help me to keep in constant touch
Because I need You very much.

I know when I forget Your Word
Or don't spend time with You, my Lord,
The one who suffers most is me
Because I need you constantly.

Oh, Holy Spirit, bind this heart
So from Your side I'll never depart.
Keep me in sweet communion there
Through constant attitudes of prayer.

Honoria A. Groves