Never Again, Mother

Never again shall I see your face dear,
Except in my mind so vividly clear;
Never again your sweet voice will I know
Conversing or singing in tones soft and low.
Never again shall I sense your concern
Or wisdom from your experience learn;
No more deep truths with humility shod
May I cull from your intimate walk with God.

Never again shall I treasure the thrill
Of watching your eyes with excitement to fill
At some trifling gift of candy or flowers,
Or taking you out for a few pleasant hours.
Never again will your happy laugh ring
As we play games together or gather to sing
Around the piano you treasured so much,
And never again will it sound to your touch.

Never again shall I suffer alarm
For your welfare in sickness or safety from harm,
For you are now dwelling in Heaven's blest sphere.
Unhampered by physical problems, as here.
Your heavenly body is healthy and bright,
Where there is no sickness, no sin and no night.
And what great rejoicing to finally dwell
In the presence of Jesus you loved and served well.

Never again will you be all alone;
Now you're reunited before the Great Throne,
With those whom you cherished in days of yore
And who in God's wisdom have gone on before.
Some day I shall join you in that vast throng,
Adding my voice to the triumphant song;
Together once more where there is no pain,
And where we'll be parted never again!

Honoria A. Groves

February, 1973