New Fathers

Fathers are only human; they have their problems too.
Perhaps back in their childhood, trials we never knew
Left them sad or angry, 'til Jesus makes them new.

We all have hurtful memories that can raise an ugly head;
Acts of bitter violence, or harsh words that were said;
But they need not be the signposts that our own footsteps led.

It's not making resolutions, or a desire to please,
It's letting Christ make ALL THINGS NEW! This opportunity seize,
To find His great Salvation, now humbly on your knees.

He'll make you much more loving and understanding too;
More patient and forgiving than you used to do;
Your family will be happier and love you dearly too.

Our Gracious Heavenly Father loves all His children dear.
And He'll make all the difference to our lives down here,
If only we will let Him make some NEW FATHERS this year!

Honoria A. Groves