New Year Musings

I wonder what experiences this coming year will hold;
As in the past, there's sure to be some new things and some old.
For memory stays with us we cannot change the past;
The present therefore, is a pat of the future that will last.
So let's make each day lovely and a truly worthwhile thing,
Creating scenes and happenings that are worth remembering.

But while we cannot change the past, we do not need to fear,
Or carry old resentments with us in this brand-new year.
For God, our Father, Who knows all, has promised to forget.
Our sins, our hurts, He takes away and He's not finished yet,
For He makes something special of each life to Him that's given,
A process, never-ending, till we meet with Him in Heaven.

We also know for sure the future holds some blessings new;
More lessons to be learned and many different tasks to do,
But with His presence and His strength forever by our side,
His grace and blessed peace will in our hearts abide.
The Holy Spirit binding us together in His love,
We'll climb the steeps before us as we keep our eyes above.
Then, with excitement we can face each ever-opening door,
To grasp each opportunity and keep looking out for more.
The blessings God has given us with joy we'll gladly share,
As we reach out to others in witnessing and prayer,
Seeking only glory for our gracious Lord and King,
Who has done for His people many a marvellous thing!

So, in anticipation, and with our faith on high,
We'll never say "I can't, Lord," but we will say "I'll try."
Triumphantly we'll enter another New Year's Door,
To find what God has waiting for us in His loving store.
No longer in the wilderness we'll claim the Promised Land,
Led and guided always, by God's all-gracious Hand.

Honoria A. Groves