No Piggyback

I cannot piggy-back my way into Eternity;
God's Plan has made provision for Jesus Christ and me.
It is intensely personal, his Great Blue-print Divine,
Involving His pure heart of love and the sinfulness of mine.

Because God cared intensely for each lost and wayward one,
He devised Salvation's program involving His dear Son.
But though His plan is simple and easy to obey,
There is a single turn-style - there is no other way.
Each one must have his ticket by which to enter in,
For His Kingdom of holiness has no room at all for sin.
Unbelief and evil cannot walk its highways fair,
And no one can ride piggy-back to gain an entrance there.

It's one by one repenting and turning from sin's way,
Choosing Jesus as our Lord to walk with Him each day.
Then He will lead us safely and surely through Heaven's Gate,
With our own reservation, where we won't have to wait.
There's no public admission or climbing o'er the wall;
Christ is the only Entrance or there's no way in at all.
Because loved ones or neighbours have a pass for Eternity,
It does not mean that I can also sneak in Heaven free!
The ticket bought with Jesus' Blood says plainly "Admit One"!
And if you reach the Portal obviously owning none,
The Father will look longingly and sadly in your face
Saying, "Son, you knew I loved you, why did you not accept my Grace?"

"My tickets were distributed by many, far and wide,
If my invitation was accepted you could have gladly come inside.
But deeply as it grieves me, the Wedding Feast is set.
Only those who have accepted can be my guests as yet.
Oh, tell the careless thousands, the uninformed, the young,
I want them at my Banquet when the Mighty Anthem's sung.
It's not My Will that even one should empty walk away.
I laid my Plans so carefully from Adam to this day,
And if they miss the pleasures of all Eternity,
They cannot turn in anger and blame it all on Me!
The gates have been thrown open for 'Whosoever Will'
If only they accept the pass I'm offering to them still."

Oh Jesus, You have paid the price and I do not deserve
A place in Heaven, but you have promised that you will reserve
A special spot for only me, one of your children dear.
So see me in humility and penitence just here
I reach my hand in trusting faith and firmly I believe
That if I ask, I from Your Hand will gratefully receive
A Passport of my very own to Heaven's Blessed Land
Where I shall meet my Saviour and join the white-robed band.
Not because I coat-tailed or piggy-backed inside,
But because I have my ticket, for which my Saviour died.

Honoria A. Groves