Not I, But Christ

Not I, but Christ, can meet the Father's favour,
Christ Jesus came to be the sinner's Saviour.
On Calvary's Cross He suffered in my place,
And now I trust in HIS redeeming grace,
For my own righteousness could not suffice
Nor could my puny efforts pay the price -
"Like filthy rags", the Bible says they are, Below God's Holy standard falling far.
But now, Praise God, Christ lives His life through me,
Imparting His own purity to me.
He has removed the deep-dyed elements of sin
And taken up His residence within.

Not MY strength, but His, to meet temptation,
His peace, not mine, in times of irritation;
His grace, when burdens seem too hard to bear;
In loneliness, how sweet to know He's there!
Not I, but Christ, can love the most unloving,
Can show compassion to the one who's sinning;
When witnessing to others, it's His Power
Gives courage and wisdom in needful hour.
My service for God does not now depend
On the approbation of pastor or friend,
Not does it concern MY ability -
Praise God, when I'm willing, CHRIST works through me!

Not I, but Christ, shall have the glory,
As I shall share the wondrous story.
How I love Him, who His life sacrificed
So I might proclaim, "NOT I, BUT CHRIST!"

Honoria A. Groves