One More New Year

From where I stand today
There is a long trail of other New Years
Stretching out behind me into the hazy distance.

Some are remembered quite clearly
With their times of celebration
Filled with hope, good cheer, and great expectations.
Other were haunted by dread as I stepped anxiously
Into coming days of deep uncertainty.

But one thing has remained constant
The love and presence of my Heavenly Father,
The joy of knowing Jesus Christ as my Saviour and Lord,
And the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit,
Leading, guiding and helping all the way.

The future, shrouded in mists, lies before me.
It is probably not a lengthy path,
But I am assured of Divine companionship
And I do know the destination
Which will be in the glorious presence
Of God Almighty
With those who have gone before.
So I can thank God
For One More New Year!

Honoria A. Groves