One Night Before Christmas

One night before Christmas I sat in my chair
And looked at the Christmas Tree twinkling there.
On the table lay packages galore
That I had bought many weeks before.
I got up from my chair with a heavy sigh
And wondered again the reason why
We have made this season such an awful chore
As time and money we spend more and more
On trying to find just the perfect gift
In an effort to give someone's spirits a lift.

My two lovely grand daughters had come
To help me and we sure had lots of fun!
There was festive paper, shiny and bright,
Enough to last us throughout this night.
Why do they package it in rolls, I ask?
Just to make it a more difficult task?
The old square sheets folded flat before
And were so much easier to store!
Rolls of tape stick to fingers and floor;
Everything except what you want it for!
Scissors, gay ribbons, labels as well,
With pictures of Santa Claus, stocking, or bell,
Here's all the stuff, now where is the list?
I must have that or some will be missed.

Shopping was started many months ago
Packed away in boxes in the closet, just so.
Last week I suddenly thought to myself,
I had better get them down from the shelf.
So I made a list as I started to sort
Out the many items I had bought.
And checked with the list of names I'd made out
To be sure no one was left without.

Then we started to wrap and decorate
Those gifts until the night was quite late.
Now of course this task is really a joy
Because I love each parent, girl and boy.
The members of my large family
That always mean so much to me.

But on Christmas Day, those wrappings so gay
Will be hurriedly torn and thrown away
And the gifts we chose with such great care
That we hoped would bring some pleasure there,
Well, some we may find are far too small,
While others are not suitable at all.
Oh well, we'll sigh, we tried our best
Now Christmas is over, time for a rest!

But what is Christmas for anyway?
Do we think of Jesus Christ's Birthday?
Of the wondrous happenings that first night?
Of the angels that made the sky so bright?
Of faithful Joseph, precious Mary, so worn,
Rejoicing her Holy Son was now born?
Of shepherds whose footsteps had been led
To the manger in that lowly shed?
Of the gracious Gift sent down from Heaven
To future generations given?
Salvation's Hope and Eternal joy
In the life and death of Mary's Boy.
This Gift is the ultimate Treasure
To bring mankind Unending pleasure.

So this Night Before Christmas I want to pray
Thank You dear God, for Christmas Day!

Honoria A. Groves
November 30, 2004