On My 75th Birthday

Since the hour of my birth
When I first came to earth
In Nineteen Twenty Three
The Lord has been with me.
For Seventy Five years
Through laughter and tears
He has walked by my side,
My needs has supplied.

But I did not know
That He loved me so
Till Nineteen Thirty Nine
When I made Jesus mine.
He redeemed my soul,
Made my spirit whole,
He forgave my sin,
Came and lived within,
And since that special day
In a wonderful way
He has been my Best Friend
Who'll keep me to the end.

You may think life complete
But till you bow at His feet
You will never find peace
Or experience release
From the strain and stress
Or know real happiness.

My prayer for you all:
That on Jesus you call.
Give Him your life,
Find relief from the strife,
Be filled with His love
And His joy from above.
Let Him lead and guide
Your needs He'll provide.
Life will be worthwhile
And you'll live with a smile.
Your burdens He'll bear
For He truly does care.

Thank you Lord
For each day given,
I'll follow You
Till I reach Heaven.

Honoria A. Groves

6 a.m. April 26, 1998