Other Sheep

(John 10:16)

Here we are, all protected,
Secure in this safe fold,
Well tended by our Shepherd,
And sheltered from the cold.

Why must He go out seeking
Just for the one who's lost?
Why is it so important?
And what about the cost?

Surely there's enough of us
To make a fair-sized flock!
Can't he leave things as they are,
Why make this calm boat rock?

He says that there are Other Sheep
Who wandered off alone,
And may be in great danger
That we have never known.

If those sheep are neglected
To wander in their sin,
They'll never see the pitfalls
Or find their way back in.

They can't find the fold themselves
For they have lost their way,
But when the Shepherd finds them
They'll hear the words He'll say.

They'll know He really loves them,
Although they did get lost,
He cared enough about them
To die upon the Cross.

For as He keeps on seeking,
When they His presence see,
They will know how much He cares -
"He did all this for me?"

Then, as their loving Shepherd
Died for them on the Tree,
They joyfully will answer
"Yes, Lord, I'll follow Thee".

"No more to roam and wander,
Dear Shepherd, I would be
Kept safe within Your Sheepfold,
For ever, Lord, with Thee".

Good Shepherd, let us help You
To open wide the door,
And welcome all who enter
Still making room for more!

Honoria A. Groves