Our Abundant God

Oh, what a gracious God is ours,
His gifts upon our lives He showers!
His children never unloved stand
For He supplies with lavish hand,
Not just loving tolerantly,
He cares for us abundantly.

This wondrous world in which we live
Much more than sustenance does give,
For beauty everywhere abounds
And with its joys our path surrounds.
The trees in brilliant garments clad
Feast our eyes and make us glad.

For rebel man God did provide
Salvation through His Son Who died;
Not just forgiveness for our sin,
But His blest Spirit dwells within
And those who all His fullness know
Have souls that with His joy o’erflow.
Not content that we merely exist,
Or enough supply to just subsist,
Our Heavenly Father from above
Profusely pours His Grace and Love
Upon His children on earth's sod -
Oh what a great, abundant God!

Honoria A. Groves