Our City

Gleaming fingers of steel and glass
Pointing to the sky;
Multi-windowed walls;
Monuments to affluence;
Slender steeples;
Ugly monstrosities;
Peaceful parks;
Meandering rivers;
Glorious lake;

Crowded highways in constant motion;
Streets filled with activity;
Speeding transit;
Twinkling lights that beckon;
Revolving doors offering “dreams come true”;
Countless invitations for pleasure;
Windows overflowing with materialism;
Arms filled with possessions;
Rushing throngs of humanity;
Of every ethnic origin.
Is this our city?

Sad people, happy people,
Angry and vicious people;
Troubled hearts, greedy eyes;
Searching, anxious, faces;
Pleading voices;
Clutching, empty hands;
Discouraged lives;
Lost and desperate souls;
Youthful wanderers;
Homeless bodies;
Weeping children;
Bitter women;
Lonely men;
Is this how we see our city?

Fields white unto harvest;
Open doors offering help;
Nonjudgmental attitudes;
Total acceptance;
Contagious enthusiasm;
Love that serves;
Practical volunteers;
Sacrificial sharing;
Warmth of compassion;
Rainbows of hope;
The clatter of falling chains;
Words of light and comfort;
Kind hands reaching out;
Offering cups of cold water;
Hot coffee;
Warm blankets;

Safe Schools;
No violence;
No illegal drugs;
Thriving businesses;
Surging economy;
Successful transit;
Efficient hospitals;
Contented residents;
O God, may this be our city!

Honoria A. Groves