Our Father - My Father

(Luke 11 - Lord's Prayer)

(Luke 15 - Prodigal Son)

O Head of home and family, respect and love we owe to thee,
Your rightful place is heaven above, brought close to us by grace and love.
Your Holy Name we do revere, yet can approach you without fear.
You rule us all, no law is higher; Your wish shall be our chief desire.
May your creation on earth be obedient subjects unto thee.

Our sustenance you will provide if only we stay by your side.
Forgive us, Father, oh forgive, and help us more forgiving live.
Grant to us victory over sin and cleanse our evil hearts within.
You are our King, all power is thine, we worship you, our Lord Divine;
Your kingdom shall for ever stand upheld by your almighty hand.

And yet, Oh Lord, you want to be a loving father unto me!
So undeserving now am I, yet “Abba, Father” I would cry!
In disobedience I rebelled, but still your love my heart-strings held,
And drew me back into your care, your family's love and joy to share.
I've had enough of this world wild - now, Father, keep me your own child!

Honoria A. Groves