Out of Darkness

Lord Jesus, where I'm Standing
Seems so very dark and drear.
I feel I'm in a tunnel
With no sun or daylight near.
I feel so isolated,
So very much alone.
Is there anyone who understands,
Who has these feelings known?

I remember you once questioned
"Why has thou forsaken me?"
When you were in deep waters,
Dying on the cruel Tree.
So you must know the agony
Of body, spirit, soul,
Which seems to hold me in it's grip -
And You can make me whole.

Now give me the assurance
Of your blessed presence sweet.
Let me feel your arms around me;
Guide me as I lift my feet.
Turn my face toward the glimmer
Where they daylight filters through,
And soon I'll stand in sunshine
Under skies of brighter blue.

My path may not be easy,
And the sun not always shine,
But you know the way before me,
And with my hand in thine,
I can face all of my tomorrows,
Knowing you are close at hand,
To lead me safely onward
Till I reach the Promised Land.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves