Packing the Unseasoned Traveler

For weeks before my trip, I'd sigh
About what to pack, what I needed to buy;
What would go with this or that,
And did this outfit have a matching hat?
I had never cruised before,
Tho' I'd traveled by ship from shore to shore,
But this would be a different trip
I didn't know how much to tip.

Then there'd be formal dinners too
I like the pink, but prefer the blue!
I fussed about slacks and casual wear,
T-shirts I guessed were O.K. there.
What kind of shoes for walking on deck?
If I took high heels I'd break my neck!
Mustn't forget wet weather gear;
In Alaska I'm told it rains all year,
Except of course, whenever it snows
And that's how all the glaciers froze!

Well, finally I was safe on board
And had my clothing safely stored,
Feeling pleased that everything matched
And I hadn't brought any that were patched.
Next day I put on brand new slacks
But found that I have been a wee bit lax
Because the legs had been too long,
So I shortened them with thread so strong
But only one leg was sewed I found,
As the other one drooped down to the ground!
So I borrowed a needle and some thread
And fixed it on my stateroom bed.

Another day I took out with glee
New pink pants and a pretty T.
I put them on, but something was wrong,
The legs were at least four inches too long.
I wondered now, how can this be?
I must be shorter than I used to be.
My memory again had let me down,
I realized with a guilty frown.
Instead of taking the time to hem
I very carefully had packed them.
So, in spite of all my anxious care
Worrying about what colours to wear,
Most of the time I wore brown slacks
Of comfortable ones that fit me great,
But no use fretting, it was too late.

The lesson then is very clear;
Before I pack a thing next year
I'll try them on and see they're right,
Not too long and not too tight,
(Not just appearance, comfort too).
But especially when its something new,
It must be fitted, pinned and tacked,
And also sewn, before its packed!

Honoria A. Groves