Please Don't Leave Me Alone

My darling!
I know that none of us can live forever
And I would not want you to exist
Only to suffer pain and physical limitations,
But I need you so much!
Please, darling, don't leave me alone.

Dear Lord, I believe You placed us together
As husband and wife.
Over the years, through ups and downs,
We have both grown in many ways
And have become so much closer
As the years went by.
Please don't separate us now.
But I know it will have to happen sometime
And when the time comes,
You will still be here with me.

Help me to become stronger as a person,
Developing more confidence in myself,
And greater ability to cope with problems
Of life and even death -
So that at the time of separation
With my faith in You still strong,
I shall be able to be thankful
For all the good times,
(Forgetting those that were not so good),
And go on with my life,
Grateful for the time we had together,
And knowing that he had not really
Left me all alone!

Thank You, Lord!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves