Praise is a Song for All Seasons

Praise can be sung in the early morn
As we thank the Lord for another dawn.
When the last shadows of darkness pass
And the dew lies glistening on the grass,
As the busy day begins its round,
The song of praise is a cheerful sound.
Throughout each fleeting, active hour
A thought of praise can bring God's power.
In hectic, backed-up traffic lanes
We still can sing those grateful strains.
When day's activities shall cease,
How blissful is the song of peace!
Until the hour of welcome rest
With songs of thankfulness are blessed.

In times of happiness and joy
We gladly songs of praise employ,
And even through dark days of pain
Can lift our hearts in praise again.
When life on earth draws to its end,
God's praise can be a welcome friend.
For He is worthy of all praise
For all His wonder-working ways.
Though seasons come and seasons go,
His love will never change, you know,
And every lonely, heavy heart
Through tears can sing “How Great Thou Art”!

Because our praise does not depend
Upon the love of spouse or friend,
Or on our circumstances now,
But on the One to whom we bow.
He never fails and always cares
And listens to our heartfelt prayers.
He lifts us up when we are down
And smoothes away the deepest frown.
When hearts are plagued with sin and guilt
Praise God that Jesus' blood was spilt,
And the Holy Ghost will fill each soul
That yields to Him complete control.

Praise is a song we can choose to sing
In fall or winter, summer or spring.
So let our joyful voices raise
And in all seasons, sound God's Praise!

Honoria A. Groves

Ladies Retreat, May, 1994