Praise the Lord for Miracles

Praise the Lord for miracles!
Sometimes he reaches forth
With powerful touch
To instantly relieve;
But other times he gives us grace
To wait
Till healing we receive.

Praise the Lord, he works
In every aspect of our life today.
He answers every prayer -
Not always just exactly when we pray -
But miracles are there
In patient waiting,
And the strength to praise
When problems still endure.
For we can trust him
In our troubled days -
His promises are sure!

He IS a God of miracles!
Sometimes he uses doctorsí skill
To work his mighty plan;
His healing touch is active still
Through dedicated man.

The greatest miracle of all
Is wondrously to see
A life transformed by Heavenly Grace -
A soul from sin set free!

For all these things are miracles,
Oh praise his precious Name!
The Great Physician blesses still,
His power is still the same,
In keeping with his will.
Praise the Lord for miracles!

Honoria Groves