Prayer Is...

Prayer is when I seek God -
Blessing is when I realize He was there all the time.

Prayer is looking at God -
Instead of at myself or others.

Prayer is Communication -
Not just thinking about God, but developing a you and me relationship.

Prayer is worship -
Telling God how great I think He is; blessing is in realizing He cares for me and values me too.

Prayer is saying “Thank You Lord” in every situation.
Joy is hearing Him say “You're welcome, my child!”

Prayer is admitting I don't know the answers; sometimes not even the questions. Help is in knowing
that He does!

Prayer can be crawling in wretched guilt, filled with
Shame and self-doubt.
Hope is His gentle voice: “Neither do I condemn thee.”

Prayer is saying “I'm sorry, Lord, forgive me.”
Peace is His kiss of pardon and sensing His smile of acceptance as He says “Go and sin no more.”

Prayer is accepting God's forgiveness and knowing I can be clean in His sight.

Prayer is expressing a willingness and desire to turn
From our old ways and live His way.

Prayer is listening to God;
“Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.”

Prayer is bringing our problems and burdens to God.
Relief is in leaving them there.

Prayer is asking God to help others in their need.
Comfort is the assurance that He has heard.

Prayer is asking for God's power in my life.
Renewal is experiencing the glow of companionship with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is a cry for help in times of weakness or despair.
Strength is in the presence of the Good Shepherd.

Prayer is seeking God's will and His guidance.
Calmness comes from knowing He is in control.

Prayer is willingness to obey.
“Where You lead, I will follow.”

Prayer is pleading for those who do not know Him.
His response is “Be faithful and leave the rest to Me.”

Prayer is coming boldly to our loving Father in the name of Jesus Christ.
Blessing is not in the answer to our prayers,
But in having been with Him!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves