Prevailing Prayer

To know prevailing, powerful prayer,
We first must put God's Word to work;
Before that weapon can be used
There is a task we must not shirk;
Dig out the promises of God
Before you boldly stake your claim,
Then at the Father's throne of grace,
Make your request, in Jesus name.

For many precious treasures lie
Long hidden from our mortal view;
And God has promised, if we ask,
He anything for us will do.
But if we do not seek or knock,
Or if God's Word we do not know,
How can we reap the benefits
He's waiting gladly to bestow?

So search for nuggets of His truth,
Seek diligently till you find;
Make those rich promises your own,
Upon your heart them closely bind,
Then, with audacious faith approach
The presence of our gracious Lord
To claim His precious promises
As written in his Holy Word.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves