Purpose to Live

One day when burdens seem too great
For me alone to bear,
I went in desperation
To Christ, my God, in prayer.
"O give me Lord, a purpose,
A reason to live, I cry,
One that is greater and stronger
Than the desire to die!"

In tenderness He touched me
And said, "My Strength I'll give.
Remember child, I suffered,
And died, that you may live.
My Spirit dwelling in you
Will help you face each day,
So you may help another
Traveler in life's way."

So now I greet each morning
With great expectancy,
And with glad obedience
See His plan unfold for me.
As He directs my footsteps
Or guides my thoughts in prayer
To troubled souls around me
Who need some one to care.

How I praise His wondrous name
That He to me did give
Such a blessing privilege
As this purpose to live!

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves