Reactions To Christ's Coming

This commercialized generation has spawned
A "buy me"; "give me" attitude toward Christmas.

What happened to the compliance and joy of Mary?
The bemused acceptance of Joseph?
The excitement and obedience of the Shepherds?
The delighted response to Simeon's revelation?
The grateful worship and praise of Anna?
The earnest searching and humble offerings of the Magi?

We are not invited to observe
A miraculous Babe in a manger,
To hear Angels sing their praises to God;
Nor to follow a wondrous Star in the sky,
But we have the glorious privilege and opportunity
Of understanding and knowing
A God who showed His love
By the gift of His own Son,
And accepting the Salvation
Proclaimed that day
Fulfilled on Calvary
And climaxed by the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

What more could we ask, expect, or want?

How different will our Christmas be
If we admit our deepest need
Is met in Jesus, our Saviour?
And our worshipful reaction is
"Thank You, Lord"!

Then, we will joyfully offer ourselves
As our Christmas Gift to Him!

November 30, 2004