The load I carried was heavy,
My burden weighed me down,
It felt like lead within me,
My face bore a worried frown,
I prayed to my Heavenly Father,
Asking He'd bear it for me,
But in spite of all my asking,
I could not set myself free.

I found it hard to look upward,
My back was so aching and bent
And all I could see was the darkness,
Ignoring the Light God has sent,
Then encouraged by God's loving people,
And warned by a service of praise,
The Light of His Word pierced the darkness,
Showing more of His gracious ways.

I realized with what folly
I had alone,
Instead of giving up the load,
Possessiveness I'd shown,
Feeling this is my own trial,
And bravely I shall bear
It's heavy weight for all to see,
While martyred looks I'd wear.

But "Cast your burden on the Lord"
Requires no help from me,
Just letting go and letting God;
Now this blessed truth I see,
And oh, what great relief it is!
Now I can upright stand,
And confidently walk with God,
Upheld by His strong hand.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves