On Your Retirement

Dear friend, this day's a special one
For your retirement has begun.
Don't view it as the bitter end.
But look on it as a welcome friend.
For many years now you have worked
And duty you have never shirked.
Now take it easy, rest a while,
Have time to play, relax and smile.

Life's full of many seasons,
For many different reasons.
A time for birth, a time to grow,
A time to learn the things we know,
A time to work, a time to play,
To start a family on its way,
To watch them grow, then leave the nest,
A time to sit right down and rest.

This is the time to slow the pace,
To get out of the daily race,
Of watching clocks, schedules to meet,
And always rushing off your feet.
Now is the time to "stand and stare,"
Or sit and knit in your rocking chair!
Perhaps a time for something new,
To do the things you'd like to do.

I wish you well with all my heart
And hope this year will be the start
Of happy days so full and free,
So just look forward and you'll see
The things your Heavenly Father planned,
For you're still covered by His Hand.
And He Who made you will not leave,
Just trust in Him and still believe
That He's your best, your Loving Friend
Who will watch over you to the end.

Now this may be a time to learn
For we should not life's lessons spurn.
Let your sweet spirit also grow,
And more of Christ, your Saviour, know.
Then retirement will truly be
A time of blessing, you will see.

God bless you.

Honoria A. Groves