Robe of Righteousness

Look at me, Lord!
I'm as good as all the rest!
In fact, I look better than that fellow there
When I'm wearing my Sunday best!
Does it matter about my underwear,
If the outside passes the test?

After all, Lord,
Nobody's perfect, are they?
And I'm trying the hardest I know
To act in a Christian way,
And hoping, if I the right attitudes show,
I'll be accepted one day.

I'm wondering, though,
When I see Your garments so bright,
And stand in Your Presence so Holy and Pure
Shall I find out, too late to put right,
That my best is too filthy and poor -
I should have been wearing Your White?

So now, Lord,
Forgive all my boasting and pride;
I see how unworthy and shabby my dress.
How could I be so self-satisfied?
Clothe me in Your Robe of Pure Righteousness
Provided by Jesus, Who died!

Honoria A. Groves