Lord, when my heart is filled with dread
And terrible alarms,
I need the warm security
Of Your strong, loving arms.
So as a little, helpless child,
Filled with awful fear,
My Father, I have clambered up
And snuggled in so near,
To find the soothing comfort
And confidence I need,
So fear will lose its strangling grip,
And panic will recede.

This fearful child, dear Father,
I know You'll not despise,
Because I'm close enough to see
The deep love in Your eyes.
I want to be courageous Lord,
And face life fearlessly,
Please give Your perfect peace
And power abundantly to me.
Help me to turn from negatives;
From thoughts of self and sin,
To know Your everlasting peace
Around me and within.

Thank You, Heavenly father,
For always being there,
And once again for hugging me,
In answer to my prayer.
I feel Your arms around me now,
Holding me so tight!
I'll know you'll never let me go,
Or leave me in my fright.
Just as so many years ago,
Christ said "Come unto Me,"
I'll constantly abide in You,
And find security.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves