Some flowers bloom in sunlight
While their fragrance fills the air,
But some dwell in a shady spot
And spread their beauty there.

The lovely morning glory
Hides her beauty in the night;
While others fill the darkness
With their sweet perfume's delight.

Each life will have its shadows
When clouds may hide the sun
For sickness and bereavement
Come at times to everyone.

But of this we can be certain
Though the sun we may not see,
It still is shining somewhere,
Though hidden it may be.

Just as God, who surely made us
And all this wondrous earth,
Still loves and watches over us
In death as well as birth.

Our Father does not wish us
To suffer sorrow or its pain,
And He has promised in His Word
That we shall live again.

And while we go through shadows
We certainly may know
The comfort of His presence
And His love, while here below.

Then, someday, up in Heaven
When His face we shall adore,
We will know eternal sunshine
And no shadows any more.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves