Shut My Mouth, Lord!

Shut my mouth, Lord, when I would tend to
talk too much! Help me to listen!

When I am full of my troubles, make me
remember that others have burdens too which
perhaps I know nothing about. Please don't
let me bore them with mine!

If I am angry, help me deal with it in a
constructive way and not spout hurtful words
at others. It is so easy to say bitter words
but impossible to take them back.

If others make unkind remarks, give me a
soft answer, or no answer at all. Remind me
that they may be hurting too.

When feeling critical, turn those harsh
words into prayers and when I speak may it
be in a positive and loving tone.

Give me patience when listening to those who
seem to have a driving need to talk. They
need a listener more than they need advice.

When tempted to repeat something which may
cause harm or becomes gossip, please stop me.

When I may be eager to say something which
would make me look good, cause me to wait
and think about whether it would be better

Teach me that it is better to talk about You
than myself - or others!

When I pray, quieten me so I may listen for
Your voice and direction.

Help me to know when to speak and when to be
silent. You be the Guardian of these lips!

Shut my mouth, Lord, because I find it hard to do so.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves