Sick One's Prayer

O Lord, when You on earth did dwell,
Your power made the sick ones well,
In hours of sickness Saviour dear,
O Great Physician, Be Thou near.

Lord Jesus, when in pain I lie,
I pray You will be ever nigh,
Your guardian angels round my bed,
Your tender hand upon my head.

Soothe these weary limbs dear Lord,
Check the fever with a word,
Fix my wandering gaze on Thee,
Speak in gentle tones to me.

Saviour, through the long, dark night,
May Your face be my only light,
Lord, grant this restless body peace
Until in sleep I find release.

Then when I wake may see the sun
And know another day's begun.
Draw near and bless me, hold my hand
Forever, till in Heaven I stand.

Honoria A. Groves

(I wrote this during an illness when I was a child)