Spiritual Insight

I pray Lord, You will grant to me
Divine inspired ability
To look within myself and see
Not what I seem, or wish to be,
But how my soul appears to Thee.

Uncover cloaked anxiety,
Lay bare the veiled hostility;
Though painful, Lord, reveal to me
All hidden feeling unlike thee.

If I have lived self-righteously,
O grant me true humility.
Forgive if I have failed to see
The self-worth You have given me,
The value of my soul to thee.
For all I am or hope to be
Is be Your grace bestowed on me.

Now send Your Spirit, powerfully,
To cleanse from all iniquity
And then from bondage set me free.
So I may be what You'd have me be.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves