Spread a Little Beauty

Someone had the vision,
So the story goes,
To spread a little beauty,
Where it always shows.

So seed he freely scattered
As he drove around,
And shortly many seedlings
Sprang up from the ground.

Watered by the showers,
Nourished by the sun,
travellers enjoy the beauty
By one man begun.

Now throughout the Maritimes,
Wherever you may go,
Lupines in profusion
Their lovely colours show

Blues and mauves and purples
Standing straight and tall,
Waving in the breezes
Bring much joy to all.

O may we also, Father,
Scatter Gospel seed,
To bring Your love and beauty
And joy, to lives in need.

Honoria A. Groves

July, 1995

(After seeing all the beautiful Lupines in the Maritimes.)