Spring Cleaning

I'm doing some spring housecleaning
In the dusty shelves of my mind,
And I gaze with shock and wonder
At some of the things I find.
There is so much "hidden treasure"
Of dubious repute;
There are silent accusations
That are difficult to refute.

There are hide-bound inhibitions
Still gripping me in their grasps,
And futile seem my strivings
To elude their strangling clasp.
I find some rusty resentments
That have laid there far too long;
To bring them out in confession
Will make me far more strong.

I search for some self-approval
And so oft I seek in vain,
But oh, how many cobwebs
That are caused by guilt and shame!
Then away back in the corner,
In a padlocked safety box,
Is all the love I want to give,
If I can break the locks!

So I'll take my broom of insight
And sweep out all the mess,
To make room for some freedom,
Relieving tension and stress.
I'll throw away all the rubbish,
Replacing fear with some pride,
And when I learn to like myself
There will be no need to hide.

But I must also remember
To look carefully at each one
And see just what I have harboured
And why it has lingered on.
Some memories, through painful,
Still are part of all my past,
And if I can see them clearly
May bring some good at last.

All unearned guilt despising
I surely can live without;
Its source first recognizing,
I gladly will toss it out.
Then, with help from God, my Father,
His forgiveness and his care,
I'll keep clean my mental closet
Filled with love and joy to share.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves